Citizens Journalism of Fundamental Importance in a Neo-Sovereign Society

Neo-sovereignism is about populations being in control of their own lives and futures, outside of restrictive political and religious paradigms and oppressive centralized governments and global governance entities.

Concerning news, information and education it is not any different.

News and infotainment monopolies, for instance, have unfortunately proven during the past century to be biased towards more and stricter (world) government centralization and towards “political correctness”, whatever the latter may mean at this point in time for it is redefined and re-exploited every so many years by the news and infotainment monopolies and the pro-centralization governments.

As a result, the content and value provided through the services and products that populations pay for, in this matter known as mainstream news and media publications and broadcasts, are by now entirely watered down to the level of what is deemed worthy to print and political correct (even if the content is proven to be entirely untrue or false), as defined by the centralized governments and this hand in glove with their media associates.

In a neo-sovereign society on the other hand citizens journalism can not be of less importance than its mainstream counterpart, it can not be ignored or censored.

When both forms of journalism are practiced truly righteously they will, as a result, synergize each other and will deliver well-balanced content and news reporting – through which truth can simply exist openly, as it should.

Unless establishment media outlets truthfully dare to report about this current revolution of neo-sovereignism it is in all likeliness so that it will be carried and further realized through the support of and efforts from the alternative media – citizens journalism – which is why more people should be involved in it.