It’s “Neo-Sovereignism” … and It’s Here to Stay.


During recent years the processes for fundamentally reshaping communities, and society as a whole, and for redefining ‘politics’ and ‘governance’  have been initiated and are now increasingly building up steam, to the extent that the citizens of already dozens of cities and municipalities around the world are once again resorting to the power and principles of the agora.

Through it, these people are finally starting to (re)determine what a government should be, what it should look like and how much power it should be allowed to have and express.

What we are witnessing is in fact the actual implementation of neo-sovereignism – the political, social and economic ideology of ultimate self-determination and self-governance by and for the people themselves, entirely outside of the outdated and failed political systems and monopolized (international) governance constructions and enterprises.

On the city squares and the municipal public markets people are now gathering in crowds to discuss their own futures; the future of their communities; the laws of the land or the community they live in; the reach of government and how centralized it should be, if at all.

With this neo-sovereign revolution that is taking over the by the people rejected old world there isn’t only one definitive outcome anymore at the end of the day – nor is it required by definition. No political agendas are any longer allowed to be unilaterally imposed on anyone and everyone – not through instilling fear nor through promises that are inherently transparent and void of substance.

In a neo-sovereign society cities and countries for instance, as sovereign entities, are still possible but this will vary from community to community and in accordance with the local population’s will and consent.

In a neo-sovereign society the government as a construct and its power are reduced to the essence of their existence – which isn’t to rule over a nation, a city or a population. A government, of any size, isn’t to be perceived as or empowered to the status of an almighty or even divine entity – at all.

In a neo-sovereign society no person can be punishable at any time for opposing and not conforming with guidelines and regulations for, for instance, taxation. Indeed, only a truly voluntary taxation model is utilized and the local or national governance councils must incorporate this natural right (of opposing and not conforming with) into their guidelines and conclusions. On the other hand, people who do support and contribute to a taxation model or system, entirely voluntarily, must be rewarded accordingly for doing so.

Communities, however, will always vary and there will always be streams of migration, it is part of human nature. Where one doesn’t feel at home might very well be an other person’s perfect environment to live in and, thus, should be allowed to do so in accordance with that governance council’s guidelines and conclusions – as determined at the agora(s) where freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of press, freedom of expression and freedom of determination are absolute and irrevocable.

It is therefore that patriotism, socialism, capitalism, liberalism, even racism and anti-semitism, and so on and so forth are perfectly possible in this new world. It is called neo-sovereignism and it’s here to stay.