Neo-Sovereignism and Justice

The first principle of neo-sovereignism states that “it always starts at the agora” therefore it is not realistic to assume and expect that every community, regardless of size, that applies neo-sovereignism will have identical Conclusions and Guidelines, also when it concerns justice.

Conclusions reached in one neo-sovereign country or community may not be wanted or may even be opposed and violently rejected in an other. Therefore, determining what neo-sovereignism stands for in relation to justice can only happen based on subjective Guideline drafts proposed by individuals and at the agora.

Guidelines concerning justice, from The Neo-Sovereignist‘s point of view, are suggested to be along the following norms and values.

  • The right to deliver rulings in civil, military, institutional and economic cases may be delegated by the people to courts, judges and juries, as agreed upon at the agora. At the same time, the agora must produce Conclusions on how the judicial branch is to be structured and how it is to be empowered.
  • The Conclusions, as defined by the agora, should define crimes and should define in which cases there can be averted from the basic principle that holds individual sovereignty superior relative to the governance council’s, the country’s, the city’s,… sovereignty in order to serve justice.
  • Judges and other court officials should never be appointed by a single person or political party.
  • Every court case that meets the criteria that have been agreed upon at the agora should involve a public jury. Where doubt exists or upon a defendant’s request a public jury must be summoned.
  • The right to a speedy, public and righteous trial must guaranteed at all times.
  • There where exceptional doubt exists judges and juries must consult the agora.
  • Semi-secret and secret trials, courts, judges and juries are to be banned.