We Can’t Build a Neo-Sovereign Society Following the Same Old “Rules”

It’s everywhere you look and listen. People want change because…

…the world is going to hell in a handbasket. Bankers own everything, we can’t move. All politicians and governments are corrupt or have been taken hostage. The whole system is rigged. Where is justice…

The only problem is that hardly anyone dares to operate outside of the(ir) box and outside of the old set of rules that was drafted and is still continuously imposed and protected by those who’re being condemned for all the evil and darkness in the world.

Resistance is going nowhere? Protests hardly matter?

No wonder. What did folks honestly expect? A miracle?

How can things change and how can rebellion make any difference when all of the efforts and actions occur within the limited spectrum created by the same old “rules”. How can any rebellion be successful when it obeys the laws and rules imposed by its oppressors?

We have tried that over and over, it doesn’t work. The current system is not made to work in a truly grassroots rebellion’s advantage, it’s not the nature of the system.

You want CHANGE? Fine, but stop operating in the narrow and indoctrinated spectrum of what is allowed according to your oppressors. If you don’t all your efforts will go nowhere, on and on, and eventually you’ll find your children being oppressed even worse than you.

CHANGE… nice. Really cute…

Step away from the old set of rules. Leave it for what it is… a nightmare.

How can anyone take it serious when a government demands that protesters must apply for a permit first in order to protest or revolt lawfully. The irony, it’s just too much.

Change, however, can be brought about. We can compel our oppressors to move away, to step aside, to take a hike. It’s possible, but only outside the box. Only by stopping to obey the old set of laws and rules. The neo-sovereign way.

Paralyzing a government isn’t hard, it’s easy. Paralyzing a banking system isn’t impossible, it’s only one swipe away. Sabotaging a war machine (domestically and abroad) isn’t difficult, it only takes courage and will.

The ability to build a neo-sovereign society isn’t a delusion, it’s a necessity. It’s what people are going to have to do if they are truly sick and tired enough of the boot stamping on their faces endlessly and unpunished.

To build a neo-sovereign society we must claim our natural rights back, our right to full self-determination and to individual sovereignty.

Collectively we need to live and operate outside the box, regardless of the old set of rules and laws, they’re not written in our advantage anyway. History shows this.

Every community, city and country on this planet must return to the principles of the agora. The principles of the public gathering where the people themselves organize and decide governance of the community, of the city and of the nation. Entirely detached from the current governments and their puppet masters.

Organize public meetings on city squares, public markets and parks. Involve yourself on a daily basis in the governance of your own life and the community you live in.

Break down the walls and the narrow spectrum of the old world by rewriting the laws of the land and the cities and municipalities you’re from and love.

Take back the control over YOUR society, not the society of the banks and the hostage-taken governments. Your governments are successfully blackmailed into submission by now, they’re no longer on your side. They’re hostile.

Defend your right to sovereignty by not allowing dysfunctional governments to operate without your consent, each and every single time because that’s the only way you can get the attention of oppressors – to have them back off, clean up their acts and get lost.